“As an annual forum, this event successfully brings together various cyber security components and contributes great benefits in increasing awareness and understanding of the latest cyber security issues.”

Dr. Djoko Setiadi, M.Si.--- Head of National Cyber & Crypto Agency (BSSN)


“The Cyber Security Indonesia 2018 held in conjunction with Indonesia Fintech Show. The collaboration of these events is expected to be an effective forum for meetings between business leaders and the central and regional governments’.”

Ririek Adriansyah Chairman, Association of Indonesian Telecommunication Providers (ATSI)


“CSI is one of the biggest event in Indonesia and it helps people to be more aware of threat in cyber. It is a perfect platform for our solutios. That’s why we will participate again in 2019!”

Dewi Ratih Puspita --- Halodata Indonesia


“We welcome and express our appreciation for Cyber Security Indonesia which involves elements of the government, stated owned enterprises, private sector, associations, academics, industry, and cyber community at the event, so that this event is expected to become a forum for interaction, sharing experiences and enrich the awareness of cyber threats in the digital era.”

Marsda TNI Rus Nurhadi Sutedjo --- Deputy for Communication, Information and Apparatus Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (KEMENKO POLHUKAM)


“Cyber Security Indonesia 2018 is one way to build awareness of cyber threats, it must be done through continuous socialization. Dissemination must be carried out starting from the lowest level (personal), to the highest level (Government). I hope that through this Cyber Security Indonesia 2018, awareness of cyber security can be obtained early on.”

Lt. Col. Arif Abdillah, ST, M.Sc. -- Data Processing Information Center of Indonesia National Armed Forces


“It was a good initiative to initiate Cyber Security Indonesia 2018 by ATSI and all the sponsors and supporting organisation. This shows the seriousness of the government and parties involved in securing the nation. It is also good that invited speaker from neighbouring countries share their experience and expertise so that together we can raise the ranking for Indonesia in Global Cyber Security Index.”

Ismamuradi Bin Dato’ Hj Abdul Kadir -- Head of Strategy Management, Cyber Security Malaysia


“We need BSSN to help maintain security nationally, regionally, and globally.”

Minister Wiranto – POLHUKAM


“All threats and attacks that occur have brought up the absolute needs of information security or cyber security to protect important information and infrastructure.”

Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan -- Director General of Application and Information, Ministry of Communications and Informatics


“Good conference that shows us potential threats among our environment, how to prepare and overcome these issues in cyber security.”

Robert -- Financial Services Authority (OJK)


“The exhibition and seminar event is expected to be a momentum and a place of interaction, to explore and share experiences of cyber technology industry development for the progress and prosperity of the state and nation.”

Air Vice Marshal Warsono -- Deputy of Communication, Information & Apparatus, Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs