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BAE System help nations, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation, and transform their operations.

We do this using our unique set of solutions, systems, experience and processes - often collecting and analysing huge volumes of data. These, combined with our Cyber Special forces - some of the most skilled people in the world, enable us to defend against cyber-attacks, fraud and financial crime, enable intelligence-led policing and solve complex data problems.

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McAfee enables organizations to accelerate business by providing total control over data and user activity across cloud services.

The cloud offers a unique opportunity for enterprises. At McAfee we think security can be the biggest driver rather than the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. Our MVISION Cloud platform helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of the cloud by providing real-time protection for enterprise data and users across all cloud services.

Many IT organizations don’t realize that enterprises are responsible for how they use cloud services. Yet today’s security is designed for the network and devices, not the cloud. Our MVISION Cloud gives enterprises the tools they need to protect data and users in real time without introducing any friction to the user experience. With total control over their data and activities, enterprises can confidently leverage cloud to accelerate their business. It’s security that accelerates business.

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ST Engineering Electronics, cybersecurity arm is a pioneering and leading provider of cybersecurity solutions with almost two decades of innovation and services to protect and defend critical infrastructures and information in Singapore. They have a team of specialised cybersecurity professionals that could design, build, train and operate cybersecurity operation centres for local and overseas governments and commercial clients. They also have deep engineering expertise to provide robust cyber secure products and services in cryptography, cybersecurity engineering, audit and compliance.

ST Engineering Electronics, understood the importance of staying ahead in the cybersecurity game by ensuring continuous pioneering of future cyber advantage in the domains of people and creating indigenous capabilities. They have invested heavily in training with the setting up of the first cybersecurity training centre in Singapore to help grow the number of cybersecurity professionals here. In the domain of capability development, they also placed significant focus in investing and engaging leading local research institutes, academic partners and industry leaders to develop indigenous cybersecurity capabilities.

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At FPG Insurance we continually focus on our desire to innovate, create and deliver the highest value to our customers, partners and shareholders. Our mission and values as the leading general insurer in Asia, shapes the management and direction of the company. This also paves the way to the creation of compelling, relevant products and insurance solutions that are tailored specifically to business and individuals alike.